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On fait ca quand ? Nadège Barasc

Krzysztof pamietasz?

Andrew Tseng 廖偉伯是不是在瑞士

Julie Madsen🤩

Liam Coyne or just walk past it and go to the top

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I think he has a foilboard

2nd guy from the left question mark *-*

How is that one guy riding without a leash lol


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Arthur Fraisse même ça, ça fait plus de bruit que la trottinette de Léo Laclide ..

Victor J'ai trouvé ton cadeau. Une première étape vers le tank mdr


Beth Harrison need

Pretty cool

👏 unbelievable 👏


Kevin das nächste Projekt?

Blaž Eržen

Sam Abrams

Zack Stanley

Jure Vagaja evo za un tvoj vrt 😂

Ocsar Levielle


Jannik Lorth das brauchst du 😂


Na klar doch 😉

Abd Alrahman Bouzo😂😂😂😂 ادرفت بل الدتسن

Preben Emil Pedersen noe får deg

Jordy Franco

Shane Power

Maya Karin Pocetta

Marcel Dauer

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You can't break your neck if you don't have one

Colm Dunne big dog do a dance

Dang that dude probably 2 inches shorter now .. lol

This is what you end up doing when no colleges will accept you.

Chris Booth check out Ben Pegg and his break dancing skills!!!🔥🔥🔥

Gom Gom This is RocK #dope

Dude's neck was fucked up for the next month or he has a neck like that guy in that meme running around right now! 😂

Lee Hunt I was gunna say well done bro, but this guy has more hair.....

Love this guy!

Use You head they said

That is one strong neck

Dude is about to get an disc herniation right there!

How to break your neck without even trying.

Gonna end up like this guy

Looks dead like John Goodman

Bro I have so much respect for this dude right now LOL

Definitely not. I dont believe in my eyes. It only can be a trickery👌

I want to see his neck. It has to be the size of an elephants leg. Mad props man, that can't feel good.

Break a neck when the beat drops

Is he the cardashian brother

JonekamalJona,Khairoulnizam Ariffin han and yon please buat mcm Ni, lps tu sent you're video kt aku, Tak sabar nk tengok tengkorak kau pecah ni😂

Reiner Simon Klaus Dr siggi uff da weinachtsfeier am abgoo🤣🤣🤣

Eddy Norbert! Trop stylé! Même si maintenant il doit mesurer 2 cm de moins..

Mikael Thrygg bara för att du är tjock betyder inte det att du inte kan dansa 😁👍

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Note to self: That's a street. Streets are where cars are driven.

Should've paid attention

And those people work at Taco Bell....

Lucky guy. No hurt☑

More people unaware of whats going on around them

It's so funny cuz I've been there after you nail a trick then he's swagging out on his ride off like I'm the man swerve I'm the man thru the car. Oh!

Didn’t yo parents tell you look both ways, nice trick doh

At least his board didn't break

Not mindful he's a mortal...

Dick head

Dont wear a hoodie hoodrat!! Old school skaters had pride. Young pukes who wear hoodies and all black in my town are night crawlers, thieves. Good way to get hurt!!

Hope his parent's car or homeowners insurance has to pay for the dent.

Milo Hunt remind you of someone?

He played on that


Abrutis level1000

For en dust..

Julie Bigati t'es sûre qu'il était pas en skate ton "pote" ? ;)


dilino boy🤓

I'm so goo...derp!

Ahaahaha lol

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Tanner Verd watch the whole thing!

Anouk Thm Clémentine Tiers ce dont on parlais l’autre jour, le gars qui s’accroche au parapente

Toni Alexandra Pringle I mean what if we can only afford on paraglide? 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

Does that look fun or what !

Karen Robinson does this look like annecy?

That was... AWESOME

Lilly Evans

Malades ! ♥️

Mirsad Haliti

Des oufs! 😬😳😳👌👌👍

Shae LangeJames Mclachlan

cochinotes jajaja

Alex Gouffrant

Yamen Mahmoud انت عم تتسلا اكتر

Eric Blough

C'est à Annecy sa ? Pierre Favre Pierre Cvt

La follia! Giancarlo Guindani

Richard Sams

Lisa 🤔


David Rivas Freedystyle Diaz CarLitos Eduardo

Donat De Ville Franche, ce sont vraiment des ouf.

Afaan Bilal

Paul Hook 🔥

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HI Jack Ata, have a nice Monday!


Welcome Beauty

Muito obrigada #Antonio_ALONSO :)



🇨🇭 🇨🇭 🇨🇭 🇨🇭



Muito massa👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Beaux machines des hommes



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Looks like crap. You can barely tell what's going on...

Too warped. Can't enjoy the video.

Rylo o go pro fusion?


The magic of a fish lens... 😂😂

Hard to comprehend



GoPro Fusion

good view

Giancarlo Guindani


Breana Webb


Nico Panza

Caitlin WoodborneBrendan AlexanderLesley Scaar

Jan Crommelinck 😍😍


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Amy Dutfield loves a tractor !! x x

that has to hurt, unless they modified, the tractor has no spring or shocks

Jack Grant Craig “welcome to fettry”

Florian Voß...warum kann ich mir das bei dir nur so gut vorstellen? 😂😘

AnthOo Boyer oublions impreza et rzr.. Il faut s'orienter vers ça !! 🤣🤣

offroadracing a vehicle with no suspension...sounds like it would hurt, alot.

hoffentlich gibt es keinen Feinstaubalarm

Koen Paul Rico Rens zal ik de lmb inschrijven?

Antoine Gilleron je t’ai inscris pour l’année prochaine

Rafal Wróbel. Startuj swoim w takim wyścigu hehe

Pau la ou on va bientôt vivre 🤣

Léo t'es chaud un jour on le fait ?

Solène Besse Nicolas Hulot aime ça. 😂😂😂

Léos Thoron a quand on fait ça ?

Christoph - man braucht keinen MERZEHHHHHDEEEEEHS 🤐

David Simonsen isiginnaariarimaarpagut? :D

Tanguy c'est pour sa me tracteur ?

Kevin Bressano tu fais quoi le weekend prochain?

Allez Matthieu Chaumont on ce lance on le fait...

Noam Berger בדוק אתה יכול להתחרות גם😂😂😂🤣

Mira los granjeros hicieron su propio deporte Moises Cedeño

Jan Ahamer oida foan ma mit?😍😍😂

Alen Grgich Disi ne vidim te :D

Adalberto Rauco provaci con cricchetto 😂😂😂

Poleciał bym takim😉

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The more morden life, the lazier people get

when you come back from taupo, this will be me Karlos Tui

Mick Martin That’s you sorted 👍 No need to stand anymore.

Not a brilliant idea.The barber has to stand up to wash someone's hair,fetch a towel,getting paid and so many other tasks.

2 enero entre medias del 24 de diciembre (papa nue) y 5 de enero (Reyes) es mi cumple ... 3x2 carrefour hace amigos!!!! 🥺🥺🥺

For lazy, snowflake barber's...!

Bobbi Casino...Problem solved! 😳🎉🎉

Sve češće frizeri na sideć šišaju. Čuvaju noge, a kod nas bi rekli da sam prelena da stojim

Thats pretty cool!!!

Michael thomas

Nicky O'Neill - should get one of theSe lol

millennial barbers. Expect you to cut your own hair and pay £40 My barber has a chair with wheels on and he goes mental. MENTAL

Cool!! Would be great for a handicap barber!

I want one!! Stand all day is not easy!!

Man that's nice as hell!!😊😊😊

Why? Cause younger hair stylists are lazy asses?

The day it crashes

jade barker-rhodes

That would be great if you have back problems like me, and not able to stand for a long time.

Israel Loar Una de esas estaría bien no? para que no te canses jaja

Mira Pablo, para que no te duelan ni los pies ni las piernas 😊😉

Cindy Ménard je veux que tu l acheter pour mon prochain rendez-vous 🤷🏼‍♂️

Ellen Lenferink iets voor jou

Amke van Dongen net wa voor jou laat je manneke maar s knutselen

Daun Kering bru je td cte psl masa kcik gnting rmbut kne pusing2.. Hahahaha

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👏 Je pense qu’il doit trimbaler ses cou*lles avec une brouette tellement elles doivent être grosses.

Perfectie 😍. Dennis, Annelotte, Jeroen, Renske, Bas Temmink, Annemiek, waarom kan ik jullie niet taggen AAHHHGR

Guillaume Dupuy quand t'es indécis entre le ski et le base jump

Alex Marmier n'essaie pas de me suivre partout a val d'Isère, ça pourrait être dangereux

Ben Crane very l a r g e

Baptiste 3-6 de l’espace! Si je fais ca mes genoux deviennent mes épaules

Ahhhhhhh, powder ❤️

Neil Vallet première sortie rando on pourra test une ligne comme ca pour se chauffer les jambes ^^

3.6 fatos👏

Alexis ... j'sais pas quoi dire.. :o mdr

Romain ça a du taper les genoux

Esmee Mark sprongetje.... 😱

Léo Dei il rigole pas

Noah übertreib halt

Guillaume Mtg tu essayera de me suivre stp 🤣

Arthur Lucas t as déjà repris ?!😅

Samy El Bachaoui is een sprongeske maken?

Keler Sufja momenti kur je happy 😂😂😂😂😂

Kevin Guedes Ca donne trop envie !

Sevrin on t’as reconnu mon gars !

Clara Dzyga quand tu peux skier et voler en même temps 🛫

Myt belle progression

Arnaud, je te souhaite la même neige à Noël 😎

Loïc Genoud et merci le kick

Bertrand Willems un plaisir step, dose le cet hiver ❄️

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This behavior isn't playful it's actually aggressive even though it's not super rough, he's challenging him. Sadly the deer was put down by the park shortly after. They did it because it was no longer skittish of humans and knew it could go to them for food.Please keep your distance from wildlife, and be aware of mating season.

shoulda grabbed it's horns and ground wrestled it and hogg tied it western style

Why isn't that person in the SUV driving up on him to scare him away. Wtf

Can somebody explain how this is terrifying??

You call that terrifying? These sissies

the terrifying part is that this photographer got way to close to this elk and that becaus of him, the ranger had to kill the elk

It's almost like he playing with him

Great way to get up and close with the pictures he was taking. Hope he got some great shots. Be cool to see those photos.

But ( Pardon ) This Animal is Being Rather TOLORANT

Men can just go an extra mile to do what pleases them

Great the photographer got a cheap thrill and the animal gets shot

If someone drove a car at the elk it would have ran off

I’m sure that the photographer wasn’t very happy when this beautiful animal was put down. Not often do you get to experience something like this!! Sucks that they put him down. Stupid reason. 😡

What a @#&% video.. it is just dumb

Please , stop trying to take my picture I have not done my hair today.

the EXTREME reposting page, EXTREME!!!!

What! I’ve met kangaroos more scarier than this......

I think that they are plying. It's not terrifying. And the photographer had a vary good job.

I can hear the deer saying "I'm not touching you...I'm not touching you..." 😆

Can’t believe just stood there and watched. You’d think someone would’ve tried to hit it with their car or shoot it or something. He’s very lucky he didn’t get attacked

Grab the head and take him down

Its trying to get the man to push back and be aggressive.

If u look closely hes avoiding eye contact so the animal feels more dominant hes protecting himself n the animal so no further altercation happens

That is not head butting! Did they murder the elk? I was told they did, I hope I'm wrong.

The elk is obviously playing with him they can be a lot more aggressive

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that truck looks it skipped leg day.

For yuppies who cant ride up a ramp😂😂😂😂😂

This is nothing new if you have worked in the waste industry. It is very temperamental in unstable ground conditions.

What a waste of space

OMG SO EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well that's cool

Kevin Robson... how good would one of these be for dinghy's!

That’s great, but how does it do in the snow?

Is that ADA approved? Asking for a friend.

Maxime Vermeulen voilà ce qu'il te faut... 😜😜😜

Marta Cerrato esto nos vendría bien 🤙🏼

Dik per neve tekosht hahha

Manuel Perea chek le set up toi choose

Rok Remšak eo pol k bova vodn skutr kupla 😂

Loys c’est quand que t’achète ca pour le 44

Przemek Strzępka Victor Waldman Wojtek Diabeł Szmigielski Arthur Zieba Miroslaw Rzeznik Tylko nie takie szerokie zeby obnizyc srodek ciezkosci I uzywac rowniez do motocykli

Martin Szoltysek fürs jetski

Noemie Bouchard le rêve😍😍

El futuro ya llego Martin Calvanese

Nasri Chikhani m7adir 7alak?

Kit Long 😎😎😎

Bjørn Anders Bjerke Anders Midtbøen Frøsaker

Gérard Gerard Simon

Peter Paby 😎

Alan Hodgson 😱👌🏼👍🏼

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Mike Barsalou I like watching this and pretending it's me...... It's helps me forget that I'm a has been that now instead of rocking a bike doing tricks I'm rocking a nice beer gut and this cell I'm using to type this. Lol I'm sure you have the same feelings (hopefully)

Wheelie good

Absolutely aeesome Love it brah 😆😆😆

pump track or manual track?😂

Nice chycale Sports

👏 just use unicycle. jk :)

Thorn Humphries check it.

Where is this

Mats Kvaalen, forventer en video fra den dere bygger ;)

Tom Platvoet over een paar jaartjes

Tibi Kabai te jobb vagy. 💪😂

Kick nosemanny heile den "paden" der, Truls?

Piste artificiel fantastique

Frederik Carstensen gjorde vi ikke det sidst på pumpe track? Det gjorde vi vidst 😂



Ben dis donc, au pumtrack de vif

Gautier Mertens next challange 😝

Cyril Loré c Jdide

e agora primo? Bruno Yuassa

Peter Brund Kristensen ok teknik

Joshua Plomaritas dank whoolie

Frank Schneeweiß da ganz easy

Nils Zimmermann Lós Wochós

Cihan Polat

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This is what he was riding!

And a boat... 🤷‍♀️

Xavier Kempton definitely not with a hydrofoil though, that's guna sink 100% 😂

I loved skyping, but would hurt my back.

And all you do is to left or right 😂

I did this in 1984 when i was a was great fun...

What??!!!!!! I had one of these when I was a kid!!! Found it at a yard sale! It was bright orange and had two foot traps like on the back of a slalom ski.

All you need is a boat and a lake

James Throsby new challenge?

Not really a plank.of wood is it. Now if it was a scaffold board id be impressed.

Looks like an old skimboard.

Ludovic Renu tu vas me faire une planche comme ça pour l’été prochain lol

Q ricooo yo no puedo hacerlo pero me encanta

Matthias Maier du als Holzmetzger wirst sowas bestimmt bauen können

Joffrey alors tu reste quand?🤟🏻


Topi seuraava lauta on sit tommonen😂👆🏻

Benjamin Homoa Bon c’est quand qu’on a le bateau pour tester ça laaaa

Nico Rolf hat sowas nicht dein Vater gehabt?

김영진 이건또 머냐 ㅋㅋ

Pieter, Gert, Matthijs, ff proberen vd zomer

And a boat, a lake and a freinds for run the boat.

Laurence Marcoux-Lamy omg!!! Ca l’air drôle ça!!!

Paul Caillaud à faire

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Subscribe to the Powers of Passions channel for more climbs here

Lucy Oliver could u imagine😂😂 I'd be falling to my death for sure

He's using any grips he can find, not even sticking to the one route and he's on a slab, lol. Anyone who can climb a grade 5 could do this. Def not '' extreme'' This is the real deal.

при такому стилі життя тяжкувато буде дожити до 60 років.страховочний шнурок там був би не зайвий..но пацанчик відважний

I’ve spun wayyyyy to many holds to try a free solo at a gym...

Sterker nog..het is gewoon dom! ...en het is ook nog eens een erg simpele route! Het hekje waar hij zo stoer overheen klimt staat gewoon open...Hahaha

The entire minute of him standing with his arms out was almost as exhilarating as his climb 🙄

**Climbs the 5.5 and then looks down the hard routes**. But still impressive.

Brian ReynoldsAinsley Gowans nuts! but Hattie might like to see it x

Je pourrais pas j’aurais trop le vertige 😆

Αιμιλιανός Σινιο easy for αιμιλιανος

Yaëlle Croset simon challande

J adore l escalade j en ai fais beaucoup autrefois aussi 😍😍

Mauricio Domingos e esse suicida?

La domanda è come cazzo si scende dopo???🤔

Il y a franchir mur du son et il y a franchir son mur qui est tres bon

Romain Le Bihan Hugo Sampeur Tangui Goureau

Eelco Huininga dit Is toch Groningen ?

Matthias Heinrichs kein Thema :D

Nguyễn Hoàng Phụng núi giống núi này ko m :)))))

Mira Constanza Hernández Grandón

Flora Berthier Duboz est ce que tu es a l'aise en regardant ca ??

Noboru Yoh 👋

Giorgi Korkotshvili בהצלחה אבא


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Final Destination

Rene Hoffmann Jo Hannes Nils Haas ach du scheisse der hat en reifen verloren 🤣

Darren Brown metal flying everywhere 😂

Yeah. U gotta tighten those lugnuts. No reason that should happen.

final destination

Pauline Ollion nous dans le jeu vendredi soir 😂😂

Lili Bat Céline Labie Rudy Doison Jairo Polinetti Quentin Derève Fabien Schiettecatte .... quand ton mécano intérim te dit ... vas y tout est ok pas de blem... et puis.... 😆😆😆( histoire vécue)

Bouch fait gaffe que sa t'arrive pas 😂

Kenn ich 😂

Thibault c’est toi Ca !!😉

Ooooooh shit Dylan

Sorte, sorte e sorte

Che botta di culo!!! 😂😂


Wolfgang pass auf..... :D

Minh Lương bung rích nè đt

Kevin Kosche Marvin Kosche Marvin Hoos Andi Wand Als OB haha die gute Felge 😂

Almir Duke nix passiert

Pierre Pierre-François ça degoujonne sec

Joe Pearson Dori dori

Kevin Cherrier 😯😯😯😯😯😭😭😂😂😂😂

Rafael Müller B-)

Didi Reitstätter Ado Bebek Jordan Taylor

Michael Morissette Stu toi?

Olof van Donselaar

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The top-knot cancels out the coolness...

guess he didnt land that last one, then....

WoW the people in the back are walking completely synchronized🤭 amazing.

Did he land it

Is morocco guys

Amazing hip drive!👊

That's amazing...

Do it at 50. Then I’ll be impressed

moroccan combo 💪💚❤️

Doen wij ook altijd Davy Geerings

Geisiel Ronney Coleman Domynik Braga tivira quero ver tu fazer arruma o outro booe visse ?<3

ah bon

風雲宇 新招試試?

Daan Hopman voor van de zomer op strand

Igor tak będzie

David Gomes c est tout nous ça

Louis Deuschle üben für nächstes jahr ☝🏽😂

Kamila Romão vamos fazer auhauusshs

Nel Timbal par gawin natin to sa elyu. Kaw tatambling ako sasalo

Edwin chaud pour test ???

RémiPellegrino epate moi


Jeferson vamo ? Vc da os mortais

Łoł łoł łoł ja tak niepotrafie

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Max faut qutu apprenne au monsieur comment il fait faire x)

Rene Botter wanneeer biken dan.


Antwan Rikken

Pajtim Kuçi

Rene Botter

This what you look like on ya bike 🚲 La'Vonta Spinks

Chris Notso-Messy Messan how about the extra pedals

liv Olivia Sayer

Igor Marques

Mickael Carpi

Don Jansen

Roger McKenzie

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That was so so awesome.😂😋🤩👏 Great job.

Yeahhhh what the....loco

Ory Mnr Ernest Pibarot, et lui alors pas un pro. 😉😉😉😉

Max Pour bientôt bébé?!

C’est toi a alleuze non 😂 FeFe LeRageux



Johan Poyet recrute le celui la 😉

Joseph Rochefort putain tu as fait des progrès !


Christophe D. Pelland té pas mal hot!!!

Marc Reis 👌🏻

Alex Btn Stevens Merellee

Jannek Rahns oha

Jose Andres Granja Leonardo Proaño

Colenutt Chris😲😲

Ribbe De Bie Pieter jan Tack Pieterjan

Rüdiger Langner Hannes Langner 😮😮😮

Matthieu Landré🤯🤯

Victor Stizzi Cuadrado

Valentin Vaillé😱😱

Jonny Blight 😎

Robby Compartino Maxime Compartino 😁

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Do tell the props or they will put on wraps Olly Bilous Ben Saunders Ben Balls Craig Reynolds

I wouldnt kick him outta bed for eating crackers....he's dreamy 😍

Is he good look'n or what?!!!

Lol one time I put my oatmeal next to a balsam candle and my oats tasted like the candle so I wonder what happened to that bar lol


Ew scared hungry LoL

Fuckin awesome 😂

That’s where you hide the dope too. lol

Q chistoso el desmuelado😂😂😂

Axel Champiat prochain strap

Maxandre Pol c'te technique mdr

Damien Labat Pierre Dupont arretez vos conneries

Marco Cozzi Lepri usi alternativi

Brice nouvelle technique

Alexis Barlaud comme toi en lutin à Gabarret

Ryan Borchert Chris Allwright Killian Egan Tom Nolan


Maxime Fri haha

C’est toi Quentin !

Nico Kopp 😮😮😮

Will Bernal hoder

Guillaume Heroux prend des notes 😂

Alexander Schmieder Ma Rek Nils Isermann Pascal Poeten Daniel Kyle Fabio Gnacke

George Penrice Bradley Glaister

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I didn't expect there to be little jumps in there as well. That's awesome!

Billy Rive your next bike

Δημήτρης Κατσαούνης ενα χιλιαρικο και με κρανος δωρο

Mike Paraskeuas Sotiris Papadopoulos George Tsaklas

Andreas Raminger Dominik Glieder 🤔👍🏻

David Ordway


Zane Ehlinger

Try that at Jefferson Hill Climbs!

Ben van den Bogaart

Jérôme Mc Boivin

Dell Wray

Uzair Shah

Benedikt Garcia


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Steve Domoney it’s all starting get more mainstream won’t be long till it’s full on and worth investing

Hahaha après les pieds ...Pourvu qu'ils n'aient pas l'idée de sortir un truc du genre "teub Vr" !! 🙄🤔😂🤣

Thats a shit idea lol sitting on your seat like that air walking, you won't last long hahaha they need a all direction treadmill of some sort. Ready player one

One more reason never to leave your parents' basement.

Looks exhausting

Santtu ai vitsi saisin aivosyövän jos suhisit tollai meidän olkkarissa 😂

Daniel Klitgaard Thomas B. Nielsen, kæft man vil komme i god form af at spille PUBG sådan der. Running simulator 2018 😂

Vala quando te lo ordini? 🤣

Charley Schaubroeck om je conditie op te krikken

Dominik das brauchst du!!!!!!!

Stanisław Sejda widzisz teraz możesz siedzieć i biegać jednocześnie 😂

Marc geil 😱

Antony Momo matte ça

Masta Jay Pas mal non?

Florent Fonseca cyberweston pr toi

Yanis Lakrout Hugo Dino Alex Béranger Mitrofanoff vrai fifa

Mehdi Merimeche on y est..!

Gabriele Sberla Vinerbi Carlo Arturi

Jimmy Dupuis ;-)

Thierry Zwaenepoel Gertje Jan Verhaeghe Jorre Mertens

Jbluey OtakuStreamers kuya :)

Frederic Coudeville Bern De Pauw

Michel Storms

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Credit to: Shawn Watson,@csp_as, Tye, Hunter Jones, @marty55crotts, @alex.girard194

Is that a hoover-board??

Would love to see him do that in England, would be guaranteed to hit a submerged shopping trolly. 😂

Lichtenberg figure

Manny Medeiros we need a couple of these!!!

Friday just for Muslims

I want one .lol

I want one!!!

It's lie

Lovelovelove meditation

I want one

the guy with the parachute at the end #Thuglife 😱

Awesome. Beautiful scenery

Amazing! :-)

SaBado as 19..oo hs vai Busca sua Bênção e lã fue vai cair as muralhas não perda esta oportunidade

Eric Goron

Adrian Hopp

Christian Leutwiler mach mol..

Fernando Hidalgo Caraveo

Keanan Perry

Dennis van der Zwanbus deze moeten we ook hebben

C est top ça 😉😊


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