Jamie Nicholls

Snowboarder, Team GB, 6th Winter Olympics 2014

Born in Bradford, Jamie started snowboarding at Halifax Dry Slope 5 minutes from his house. He joined Team GB at 15, and has travelled the world competing in snowboard competitions and filming.

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At 17 he won the Big Air, Ride Shake Down in Germany then he won at Burton Rail Days in Japan at age 18. He came 6th at the Sochi Winter Olympics. In 2016, Jamie became the first British Male to win a Snowboard World Cup at the Snow Jam in Czech Republic. Currently training for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, Jamie continues to travel the world competing and training on his ‘stand up sledge’.

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Sooo Steezy, keep it up man

Props to the camera man!

Nice one Jamie 🤘

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Lewis Barrett, Mick Davison. Awsome.

Julien Prouvoyeur

I accidentally did something similar on a dry slope once 😂

Matt Parsons

Jools Parsons Stuart F Green

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Stoked on this and cant wait to put some turns down at a new centre end off 2020!! Its great to see this approved tonight, such amazing news for snowsports in the UK and I will be very excited to follow the progress along the way. Bring on opening day!


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Sam Brown Greg Smith Oscar Moliver

Excellent news.. Jo, Steve, Wils .. bit closer than MK and Hemel. Still hoping someone builds one in Portsmouth though!! 🏂


Josh J. King Matt Hale Jack Davies Chris Sharland

I've seen these things happen so often in the south west, I'll believe it once it's started going up, here's hoping though

Simon Wiltshire

Elaine Kilgour

Please can you work your magic down in Kent? 😉 Hemel is a pain to get to from here and I can never make the freestyle evenings 😢

The new one up at Middleborough is set to open in 2020 too Jamie Nicholls. Gonna be called SubZero! Can't wait.

Ben Williams

Heather Wilson !!

Charlie Horrell Swindon is pretty close!

and us up north are getting one too..... www.subzerocentre.co.uk/

Fingers crossed it goes to plan 😁😁👍👍

Hannah Dickens

Need one in essex

Pat Fairclough 👍


That's awesome news

Hopefully one day we can get one in north Devon

Mara Evelinne 😊

Jennifer Lauren Coffey Chris Bauch Craig McDougall Owen Reynolds

Living in Devon, this would be on my doorstep compared to next closet... Which I believe is France 😂

Tasha Bradley

Aaaah I can't wait!!!! 😁

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So excited to be there when The Snow Centre Swindon was approved. Even took my board but no snow yet. 😀


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Simon Joyce!!!

David John Chadwick David Anthony Williams boys.... 👏👏👏

Finally, can’t wait for this to be on doorstop been a long time coming. Thanks for the support and fingers crossed you host some coaching sessions there 😏

Tayten Nyahwa - it’s actually happening !!

Ryan Beckerleg no way 😂😂

Woooooooo! Cant wait we need one over this way!!

Ray Murphy Connar Arthur


Heather Watson👀

Sick man I met you in Val thanks for the support well needed in Swindon 😁

Emma George😁😁

What’s happening to the skatepark tho 🤔

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