Jamie Nicholls

Snowboarder, Team GB, 6th Winter Olympics 2014

Born in Bradford, Jamie started snowboarding at Halifax Dry Slope 5 minutes from his house. He joined Team GB at 15, and has travelled the world competing in snowboard competitions and filming.

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At 17 he won the Big Air, Ride Shake Down in Germany then he won at Burton Rail Days in Japan at age 18. He came 6th at the Sochi Winter Olympics. In 2016, Jamie became the first British Male to win a Snowboard World Cup at the Snow Jam in Czech Republic. Currently training for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, Jamie continues to travel the world competing and training on his ‘stand up sledge’.


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Damn, that's big dude!

Very nice


Coen Hoogerbrugge

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Such a sick day up here! 🙏
You guys inspire me more than you will ever know! Lets do this again soon 🙏 Snow-Camp Charity The Snow Centre
Today we remember. Lest we forget! Love ya Grandpa, proud of ya! X


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Hell yeah. My soon to be 3yr old twin boys having boarding lessons in march!. Already have their snowboards.

Skiers ⛷ get out his way!!


Alvaro Gonzalez Souto pas de la cas 👏🏼


Paul Henthorn

Mats Vds

Bert Van Cauwenberghe

Mini Pedro

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