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Take the Ride

This is what happen when mtb & bmx riders get to drive off road buggies! Mac Tools UK Mac Tools #MacTools #GreatToWorkWith

Posted by EXTREME on Thursday, July 19, 2018


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Gái ngành nhận đi khách giá rẻ ai cần ib hoặc gọi sdt 01673450932


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Simone Grothe wauw

Jennifer Heng me scootering

Jayme Morrow

Robert Grace Hahahaha can see this happening to me get sketch out in the air

Josh McCarthy

Niq Miller I don't know...kikikoki

Hasse tekiskö selälle mukavaa 🤣

Dennis Anakiev Espenes

Erko Berovic


Dylan Serra

Phil Stone is this you showing Tom how it’s done?

Scooter tings Mitchell Peers

Sherri Pullen Calling Ashton ..... !

Dustin Wiediger

Luke Pate Dejan Mitreski bro this guy committing to the "woop woop" as he's tumbling is proper class hahah

Ilan Elgrably

Em nhận đi khách ai cần ib hoặc alo sdt 01679550652

That must have been pretty fucking exciting.

Justin Thomas

Alicia Uyesaka eu brincando contigo mas te deixo brava ;-;

Estefanía Abencerraje

Ezequiel Flores


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Jasper Ferrand ça c'est du bloc

Jo Muck


Lachie Lloyd is this Thomas Daniher?

I was so hoping somebody was gonna jack that camera!

What the heck Jonah Temple-Cole

Rand Khaddor

Gabriel Menna

Ok nice but why?

craig howard

Tyler Oberg this guy😂

Edouard Courki on est sur une nouvelle façon de voir le bloc ahahah

Yeah this was the last straw. ✌🏽Extreme


Take the bus? XD

How do you get down now xD

Conor Thompson

Get a job

Luke observe et apprends puis reproduis

Seriously, all fun and games until you slip, fall, crack your head open and die. Darwin train pullin into the station.....ALLLLLLLL ABOARD!!

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Until there is a shark

My kids spent 20 min looking for garbage on the beach this weekend. They each had no prob filling these bags.

WE should be ashamed of our selves. We are humans we are the smart creatures on this planet.

Sad, and such an easily avoidable problem.. pure laziness and disregard for life

Thanks China

To much fucking plastic!! People don’t realize that!

It’s not just the ocean. This shit is everywhere. This is the river a few miles from the ocean

I wouldn’t say the last thing lol but I get it

Thought that was a Man O War for a second

Not my trash!

People only do stuff video taping,other then that.. They don't due😌😩

Most of the thing we "recycle" in the US gets shipped overseas to countries like China, India and South Korea where there in no regulations and it gets dumped into the oceans and seas. UK does the same thing. Millions of tons every year

I mean. I'm still afraid of sharks

N.Y. dumps trash everyday it should b ashamed but they r not

Fuck human are shit and put shit everywhere.cant belive how we put the perfect 🌎 like that.

That is indeed disgusting.

All fun and games till he realized what he was picking up where jellyfish.

it what happens when you surf at a third world country

I don’t think so! Lol! I was waiting for a shark to come up and take a bite!

Lol Facebook won't help. There are countless countries that dump garbage into the ocean that don't even know there is a problem.

To be fair, one should at least be aware of the dangers sharks can present.

Yeah but... sharks are spooky

Along with Fukushima

Left handed people die at a higher rate while using power tools designed for right handers every year in America at a higher rate than people that die from shark attacks worldwide.

Surfers are polluting the ocean

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Hà Phương Thảo

Juliana Moraes Meirelles veeem friooo

Jarne Dabaut dat hadden we ook nog kunnen uittesten!

Benny Kabelitz Hans Duschl Enrico Strehlau

Well that was a waste of good coffee

Rolanda Maniuškaite 😀

Luís Serpa

Ian Ford ... 😀science tricks for Caffeine Underground !...😜or....above ground ;)

Mariana Moura 😱

Brings a whole new meaning to iced coffee

If I see one more slo mo video without a full speed replay I'm done with this extreme shit😂

Imagine that smell! 😎👍

Would of been better if she would have thrown it on someone

Sooooo EXTREME!!!!! WOW!!!! 🙄

Der Gute Kaffee! 😅

Patricia Mendez tal vez pueda pasar esto en la mañana jaja

Very satisfying 👌

And still Walking In jeans

I bet that smells delicious

Ang do this in NY it’ll be cold enough

Wasted coffee and a disposable cup. Great job 🙌

Omg wow there’s this thing called cold air

Jarne Dabaut dat hadden we ook nog kunnen uittesten!

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Check out his instagram for amazing woodwork:

Ruined a really nice table.

Cedric Pouget Estelle Jk ça y est, je sais à quoi sert un décapeur thermique 🤔🤣

Pierre Basty ta prochaine table ;)

Emmanuel c quand qu'on s'y met !!

Tom Gere ca te coûterait peut-être moins cher

Sjukt coolt Clara

Gary. Show Bill the next time you're up!

Antony this instantly made me think of you and your woodworking skills and designs!

Amanda Webster Shane Webster this would be pretty neat on some of your wood


Eilish de Jong voor in je nieuwe casa

Dude! That’s awesome

Sim, mas só com uma cor, vermelho claro !! Lol 😝

אלין בר תראי איזה מטורף

Ill make them you sell them???

That’s beautiful

Filipe Malta esse balcão onde trabalhas é algo assim. 🙂

Wolfgang amol bi ar gitar🤔😊

а если горячий чайник поставить на стол, не потечет карандаш?

Imagino a bancada da barbearia

Mike Kamps Kun je dit ook maken???

Thierry ook wel nice om mee te werken 🤔

Caitlin Emily we should do this to a slab of timber and then make it a desk top for the office

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