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Take the Ride

This is what happen when mtb & bmx riders get to drive off road buggies! Mac Tools UK Mac Tools #MacTools #GreatToWorkWith

Posted by EXTREME on Thursday, July 19, 2018


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I think he has a foilboard

2nd guy from the left question mark *-*

How is that one guy riding without a leash lol


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Arthur Fraisse même ça, ça fait plus de bruit que la trottinette de Léo Laclide ..

Victor J'ai trouvé ton cadeau. Une première étape vers le tank mdr


Beth Harrison need

👏 unbelievable 👏

Pretty cool


Kevin das nächste Projekt?

Blaž Eržen

Sam Abrams

Zack Stanley

Jure Vagaja evo za un tvoj vrt 😂

Ocsar Levielle

Na klar doch 😉



Abd Alrahman Bouzo😂😂😂😂 ادرفت بل الدتسن

Preben Emil Pedersen noe får deg

Jordy Franco

Shane Power

Maya Karin Pocetta

Marcel Dauer

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You can't break your neck if you don't have one

Dang that dude probably 2 inches shorter now .. lol

This is what you end up doing when no colleges will accept you.

Chris Booth check out Ben Pegg and his break dancing skills!!!🔥🔥🔥

Gom Gom This is RocK #dope

Dude's neck was fucked up for the next month or he has a neck like that guy in that meme running around right now! 😂

Love this guy!

Lee Hunt I was gunna say well done bro, but this guy has more hair.....

Use You head they said

That is one strong neck

Dude is about to get an disc herniation right there!

Gonna end up like this guy

How to break your neck without even trying.

Looks dead like John Goodman

Bro I have so much respect for this dude right now LOL

Definitely not. I dont believe in my eyes. It only can be a trickery👌

Break a neck when the beat drops

Good shit bro

Is he the cardashian brother

JonekamalJona,Khairoulnizam Ariffin han and yon please buat mcm Ni, lps tu sent you're video kt aku, Tak sabar nk tengok tengkorak kau pecah ni😂

Reiner Simon Klaus Dr siggi uff da weinachtsfeier am abgoo🤣🤣🤣

Eddy Norbert! Trop stylé! Même si maintenant il doit mesurer 2 cm de moins..

Mikael Thrygg bara för att du är tjock betyder inte det att du inte kan dansa 😁👍

Ça lui a valu un torticolis et 3 hernies cervicales! 😂

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Note to self: That's a street. Streets are where cars are driven.

Should've paid attention

And those people work at Taco Bell....

Lucky guy. No hurt☑

More people unaware of whats going on around them

It's so funny cuz I've been there after you nail a trick then he's swagging out on his ride off like I'm the man swerve I'm the man thru the car. Oh!

Didn’t yo parents tell you look both ways, nice trick doh

At least his board didn't break

Not mindful he's a mortal...

Dick head

Dont wear a hoodie hoodrat!! Old school skaters had pride. Young pukes who wear hoodies and all black in my town are night crawlers, thieves. Good way to get hurt!!

Hope his parent's car or homeowners insurance has to pay for the dent.

Milo Hunt remind you of someone?

Matt J Tirillo this you?

He played on that

Wasted 😭😭😭😭

Abrutis level1000

For en dust..

Julie Bigati t'es sûre qu'il était pas en skate ton "pote" ? ;)


dilino boy🤓

I'm so goo...derp!

Ahaahaha lol

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Tanner Verd watch the whole thing!

Anouk Thm Clémentine Tiers ce dont on parlais l’autre jour, le gars qui s’accroche au parapente

Toni Alexandra Pringle I mean what if we can only afford on paraglide? 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

Does that look fun or what !

Karen Robinson does this look like annecy?

That was... AWESOME

Lilly Evans

Malades ! ♥️

Mirsad Haliti

Des oufs! 😬😳😳👌👌👍

Shae LangeJames Mclachlan

cochinotes jajaja

Alex Gouffrant

Yamen Mahmoud انت عم تتسلا اكتر

Eric Blough

C'est à Annecy sa ? Pierre Favre Pierre Cvt

La follia! Giancarlo Guindani

Richard Sams

Thomas Kogelbauer

Lisa 🤔


David Rivas Freedystyle Diaz CarLitos Eduardo

Afaan Bilal

Paul Hook 🔥

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